March 14, 2006

The internet saps my productivity

Posted in Blogging, Blogroll at 9:48 am by The Lizard Queen

So maybe this is just a blog about blogs, no? Here’s a rundown of the blogs I’ve linked to already:

  • PoMo Golightly: fiction writer and knitter, originally hailing from Connecticut. Her interests are writing, knitting, spinning, embroidery, UCONN basketball–and, if I may be so bold as to add one, dogs. I love her Maddie-girl.
  • Notes from Evil Bender: Poet, fiction writer, and all-around smart cookie. “Evil Bender is a transplanted midwesterner living in New Mexico. He may also be a robot from the 31st century.” He has a dog, too. I love his Seamus-boy.
  • Dogma: “In which a pet-columnist and pet-book author rambles on about some things furry, some things not. Hey, how many people do you know who subscribe to both the Wall Street Journal and the Whole Dog Journal?” Are we seeing a pattern here?
  • Hedgeblog: “Rubensesque art school graduate that was mostly well bred in a snooty neighborhood in the south who now lives in a partly rennovated monument to 70’s bad taste in a suburb on the west side of the Rio Grande in Albuquerque; is a home-based business owner with too many opinions, spooky dreams, spoiled pets, and a geeky husband whom she adores.” And yes, I love her dog, too.
  • Caracierge: “Ever wonder what it’s like doing all the things someone has to do so that they can do the things they want to do? It’s pretty great. Follow this blog through my journey starting, establishing, running, and (with hope) succeeding in my own personal concierge, shopping, and errand service.” And she has two dogs. 🙂

And here are two I’m planning to add later… I need to pry myself away from the computer for a little while.

  • Shakespeare’s Sister ( no dogs here, as far as I can tell, just liberal politics.
  • Dogged Blog ( “The politics of just about everything–current events, science, media, culture, dogs, food–and, of course, actual politics.”
  • HanktheDog Blog ( “A dogs-eye view of the human-run world.” Heh, it’s a yellow lab. Falling in love with dogs over the internet has not worked out well for me so far (they die and I get hysterical), but I suppose there’s no harm in enjoying it while it lasts. 🙂

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  1. Beverly said,

    There’s a doggy theme, for sure! Thanks for the link!–>

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