March 27, 2006

Am I dead?

Posted in Conservatives at 1:05 am by The Lizard Queen

Apparently liberalism kills kids. My parents are relatively liberal (my dad would have you believe he’s moderate, but I don’t buy it), and they’re also divorced, and the high divorce rate is a result of “America’s 40-year experiment with liberal statism,” don’tcha know. So, then, I can’t help but wonder if I missed something and am no longer, in fact, alive. That would be rather problematic, to say the least…

Sarcasm aside, the subject matter of this post over on Shakespeare’s Sister (natch) makes my brain hurt. Go read.


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  1. Caracierge said,

    Then again, maybe Dr. Scarborough isn’t suggesting that those things quite literally kill kids, but “Liberalism Provides for Nontraditional Family Structures I Don’t Like” isn’t quite as catchy a title.

    Brilliant! And I love that you’re on blogger now so I no longer have to remain the “anonymous” commenter (commentor?) 🙂

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