April 13, 2006


Posted in Humor, Science at 5:08 pm by The Lizard Queen

Okay, here’s something entertaining and non-political: what happens when you put a whole pack of Mentos into a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke?




  1. JamesRaven said,

    Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. The Psychotic Patriot says hello from that short list on Shakespeare’s Sister’s blog, wandering by on a dreary but thankfully weekend-beginning afternoon in San Diego. Nice place ya got here.

    Peace (And I really mean that)

  2. Blue Gal said,

    whelp, there’s forty seven seconds of my life I’ll never have again. But the funniest part of it was the NPR logo at the end. Nice to share the Shakes list with ya, Queen. Keep blogging and keep the faith.

  3. Eric A Hopp said,

    So there is where evidence of the Iraqi Weapons of Mass destruction has been hiding–Quick, call Scotty McClellan!

  4. Liz said,

    You like me! You really like me!

    😉 Y’know, or something. Thanks for stopping by, folks!

  5. Scott said,

    Definitely going to file this under “Kids! Try this at home!”

    funny stuff.

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