April 19, 2006

Good stuff over on Pharyngula

Posted in Religion, Sex, Wingnuts at 1:22 pm by The Lizard Queen

First, a post on “Purity Balls” in South Dakota: “My career as a porn impresario is over”
My take: a) I forsee chastity belts becoming all the rage sometime soon…; b) Saying that people who think condoms are great contraceptives (or water balloons… y’know, whatever) and should be available to everyone (including teens, most of whom are going to have sex, Purity Balls and True Love Waits rings notwithstanding) worship condoms sounds to me a lot like the old standard, “I love Diet Coke.” “So why don’t you marry it?” Trust fundies to elevate the discourse…

Next, a fascinating map of the percentage of religious adherents in the U.S., by county. I grew up in a yellow county (35.1-50.0%), then moved to a salmon-colored one (50.1-75.0%), then moved to a yellow one, then moved to a salmon-colored one, and am now poised to move to a yellow one in the next month or so. Weird.



  1. chaddq said,

    Found you! (obviously the link helped) 🙂

    Purity balls, ha! Why can’t I get Hostess productes out of my mind when I think the phrase ‘purity balls’? Ding Dongs, Ho hos . . .

  2. *snicker* Yeah, they’re like Snowballs, only the coconut is white instead of pink…

  3. srah said,

    I can’t believe this map. I live in southwestern Ohio and it does NOT feel white/yellow.

  4. luaphacim said,

    heh — there are four white counties in Kansas, and I’ve lived in two of them.

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