June 11, 2006

Recent minor changes in the queendom

Posted in Blogroll, GLBT issues at 12:55 pm by The Lizard Queen

1. Chaddq has moved–go check out the new homestead!

2. Ah, Big Gay Picture, I hardly knew ye! I removed that link and added one to 365Gay.com for news, events, etc. affecting the GLBT community–and thus, in my opinion, the rest of the human race. If you’d like to read something less discouraging, there’s always FakeGayNews.com, which is amusing… though some of the articles contain at least a nugget of painful truth in them. For example, Outraged Bisexuals Demand Own Slur (“It speaks volumes to the way that bisexuality is overlooked in society that there aren’t even any good slurs for us”) and Nation’s Brightest Lesbians Return to Closet for Graduation Weekend (this could easily be a real article).

3. Finally, a question–are there any blogs or other sites I haven’t linked to that you folks think I ought to? I know, I’m full of questions today… 🙂


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