June 21, 2006

An amazingly well-put argument for same-sex marriage

Posted in Blogroll, Civil rights, GLBT issues at 12:34 pm by The Lizard Queen

Go see why I love me some Ed Brayton.



  1. Caracierge said,

    Okay, this is from one of the comments, but I thought it was really funny:

    “No. Are you being willfully stupid?”

    What an amusing idea, “willful stupidity”…

    Great article anyway. Mary Cheney (Dick’s daughter) said what I think is the best argument around (I’m paraphrasing from memory here)… how can and why should the government (directed at Federal but relevant to State)prevent consenting adults from entering into a relationship of their choosing? I don’t know either.

  2. ajw308 said,

    I see governments banning public smoking for the health risks it poses. Since the gay lifestlye, at least for men, has greater health risks it should take similar steps.

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