June 21, 2006

News that should surprise absolutely no one

Posted in Government at 11:16 am by The Lizard Queen

Congress Stiffs Working Americans. Caption from the article that would seem self-evident to most people, but obviously not to Congress: “Lou Dobbs says Congress shouldn’t give itself raises while refusing to raise the minimum wage.”

Billmon’s take:

I have to admit, even I didn’t think the political pimps in control of our national whorehouse would have the gall to sneak through a pay raise for themselves, then turn around a week later and kill the first increase in the minimum wage in almost ten years. Even I wouldn’t have imagined they would think they could get away with it. Not in an election year. I guess it’s their way of showing Tom DeLay they don’t need him around to act like a pen full of swine with a taste for eating their own feces. The Bug Man may be gone, but his pestilence remains.

Shakespeare’s Sister’s take:

As long as the majority of Americans insist on maintaining their illogical, disparate regard for government and the people who run it, and uncritically subscribing to the notion that those of us who don’t share their interest in preserving a lethargic freedom from responsibility are simply nuts, the GOP will continue to make hay out of the opportunity such dismal circumstance supplies. Why not give themselves a raise while denying the same to working Americans? Who’s going to stop them? Who will do anything more than grouse about those damn, dirty politicians, of whom we can imagine no better anyhow?

Both commentaries are worth checking out. I have no words, except to say that now would be a good time to write to or call your Congresspeople, folks, if you haven’t done so already.


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  1. UnOrthodox said,

    The only thing that minimum wage regulations do is create job loss for low-productivity workers.

    Besides, any wage increases that Congress passes do not take effect until the next session.

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