June 23, 2006

Winging it: a response to a right-wing sucker punch

Posted in Blogging, Personal, Wingnuts at 1:22 am by The Lizard Queen

First of all, I would like to begin by stating that I am an idealist, and often a naive one at that. I tend to believe the best of people until I’m given a concrete reason to believe otherwise. And even then I can often be like a dog in that I’ll keep believing people are good even after I’ve been hit.

Sometimes, though, a punch will seem to come out of nowhere and shock me enough that I don’t know whether to cower in a corner (in this case that would mean ceasing this blog altogether) or go on the offensive. Obviously I’ve opted for the latter. Please bear with me, dear readers, as I give you the background.

Recently the Christian Libertarian commentator from WorldNetDaily, who goes by the handle Vox Day, posted on his blog a story about a European woman who has found herself living what I suspect would among most people’s worst nightmares: she is an unwilling prostitute, a sex slave. Vox claimed that he found her situation humorous, and said about sex slavery in general that “if feminists are so concerned about it, then let them end it.”

My close friend and colleague Evil Bender responded to Vox’s post in his blog. You can read EB’s response here. I commented in EB’s blog, asking, among other things, “What happened to ‘judge not, lest you yourself be judged’?” Someone with the handle keer K guard replied that Vox wasn’t judging anyone, to which I said the following:

I’m sorry, but laughing at someone else’s misfortune sounds rather judgemental to me–-rather like throwing a stone, if you will. And it *certainly* isn’t loving.Also, I’m not sure I understand how I am any less capable of fighting the re-emergence of sex slavery than a man would be.

Vox took the last sentence of my comment back over to his blog to respond to it. Here is what he said, in a post entitled “She will look beautiful in chains.”

Why don’t you visit Germany, find some Ukrainian or Russian men and ask them that question. Then, after you’ve been beaten a few times and are properly broken in, you can ponder the subject when you’re not occupied with servicing your customers.

(He also called me on my naiveté, which, as I pointed out before, I willingly own up to.)

Here is just a small sampling (copied verbatim) of the comments made in response to Vox’s post:

“Now that’s funny!!””Too many movies, too many women’s magazines, not enough reality.”

“Damn shes retarded. Modern women need to be signed up to get punched in the face twice. Just a long line of stupid young women waiting to get clocked.”

“I say we bring back the rule of thumb.”

“Maybe she will be macho when all American men are the new manniggers supporting the courts and ex super star know it alls.”

People have often said that either side of the political aisle is as bad as the other. Shakespeare’s Sister recently posted an excellent piece putting that assertion to bed, particularly when it comes to the big names out there (Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Pat Buchanan, etc.). I think this incident further disproves that idea. Vox had no response to my assertion that women trapped in sex slavery should be pitied, not mocked, and my question as to how making fun of such women (and feminists in general) and stating that we’re getting what we asked for when we started this whole crazy “women are people too” movement fits in with true Christianity, and so he launched a completely unprovoked, entirely ad hominem attack based solely on the fact that I am a woman who dared question one of his followers.

My response, then, is merely to call him and his commenters on it. I highly doubt any of them would make these comments to my face, and I think I deserve the same respect in cyberspace. While I doubt the two ends of the political spectrum will ever come to true agreement on most issues, I think there’s value in discussion, and I think the blogosphere can be an appropriate venue for such discussion. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. The world would be awfully boring otherwise. This, however, was a sucker punch delivered because they thought they could get away with it. I’m a nobody in the blogosphere, so no one will notice if someone threatens to beat me into a pulp, rape me, enslave me, et cetera.

Let me know how that works out for you, guys.



  1. pavlov112 said,

    The world will probably always be partly populated by males (not “men”, mind you) who are afraid of strong women. Hopefully they’ll eventually be a tiny minority that can get together with the conspiracy theorists who believe that the moon landing was faked and compete for the title of “Most Irrationally Fearful”.

    That being said, if anybody flings anything more than words at you, I’m hopping the next jet…

  2. larkohio said,

    Ignore the disgusting comments. The world is still filled with men who obviously have no compassion and hate women.

  3. Evil Bender said,

    Prediction: you’ll soon recieve more disgusting replies here. Don’t let it get you down, though: people who are bigots and idiots just hate it when you point that out.

  4. Dean Lewis said,

    People like Vox just like the sound of their own voices. The other people posting are bullies and insecure. And just like the more famous ones like Coulter and others, they must be ridiculed,lampooned, and revealed as the asses they are at every turn.

    Keep up the fight, Lizard Queen. There are many on your side.

  5. DavidD said,

    It may be mostly as dean lewis wrote. It may be something else that partisanship does to people. There is human nature on both sides of the political spectrum, both sides of the religious spectrum, everywhere. Those who argue it’s more on one side than the other are arguing a matter of style, not substance. I have been misunderstood and underappreciated, even excoriated, by all sorts of people. None of them know me. None of them know how intimidating I can be in person. It’s true I learned to resort to my scary dude appearance at some point, and I confess that I look at my clients fresh from prison, covered in tatoos, and secretly wonder if I could take them. Do I really have that much rage in me, that much craziness? Fortunately I don’t feel the need to test myself that way, but verbal gamesmanship is just the same, only both genders can play and while liberals and conservatives play differently, everyone plays.

    As long as discourse is competitive, whether by men or women, people will talk past each other and talk way past the reality under discussion to get what they want out of their words, be that support from those like themselves, self-affirmation or just the joy of coming up with a pithy phrase. None of that advances the culture.

    I think a key thing to develop is to find something in what anyone is saying with which I agree. Vox thinks feminists should pay more attention to sex slaves. I don’t know that that’s true. There’s something about a conflict over sexuality in there that’s hard for me to decipher. I’d hate to start with something as basic as, “What’s wrong with sexual slavery?” I have been unsuccessful talking to conservatives to try to find some common basis for believing anything. Conservatism is such a package deal. You’re either with us or against us, and if you’re against us, we can say anything about you we want and call it your just desserts. Atheists do the same. Leftists do the same to Bush, corporations,…

    It’s sad, beacause I would think that Vox is just against sexual slavery as you are, Liz. The conflict between you is something else, and I doubt the two of you could even agree on that. Maybe sometimes the only thing that two agree on is that nothing productive comes from them talking about anything. I suspect that is where I would end up with Vox. It’s hard for me to look at how equally pointless it would be for me to speak with a large number of people. Whatever it is that does that, it is human nature that is the cause. It’s not something that changes easily.

  6. DavidD said,

    BTW, the word “judgmental” is asking for trouble. Of course anyone who has a functioning perception is judgmental if you use that word in its broadest meaning. Religious conservatives try to separate “judgment” from “discernment”, since there is nothing in the Bible against the latter. There are verses that in fact contradict Matthew 7, such as ones Paul wrote, to say Christians should judge in certain ways, oh excuse me, “discern”. I’ve listened to apologists try to define a narrow line between acceptable discernment and damnable judgment, such as telling people they are going to hell. It’s such semantic crap. If conservatives feel they have to do that to understand the Word of God better than the rest of us cretans, then they will. The only way to stay out of such craziness is to forget about using the word “judgmental” as you would with someone who doesn’t have such an internal minefield.

  7. Hmm, point well taken about the word “judgmental.” I could certainly have phrased that point better, but, of course, that was not the part of my post Vox chose to repeat and “respond” to…

  8. luaphacim said,

    There are verses that in fact contradict Matthew 7, such as ones Paul wrote, to say Christians should judge in certain ways, oh excuse me, “discern”. I’ve listened to apologists try to define a narrow line between acceptable discernment and damnable judgment, such as telling people they are going to hell. It’s such semantic crap.

    davidd: It’s a little bit more complicated than you’re painting it. Paul himself, in the epipstle to the Romans, writes, “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things” (Rom. 2:1). My point here is that Christian doctrine might look like more than “semantic crap” if you try to get a unified picture of it.

    And LQ, on behalf of Christians who believe that God is love, I’m sorry for what these people said about you — and about all women, for that matter. It bugs me to no end that, right when a woman pokes her head into the blog, they become even more misogynist and offensive… and do it ad hominem instead of in general. I really appreciate your thoughtful response to them, and I, like pavlov, am on the next jet if anything happens IRL.

  9. I promise to never punch you in the face if I disagree with you.

  10. Vixen said,

    People like Vox ridicule those they fear. And sexist, small minded men will always fear smart women.

    On the upside you can take the no publicity is bad publicity approach. This little episode surely is getting you more traffic and probably more readers. Lots of progressive people read crazy Vox-like blogs to see what the “other side” is doing. Mr. Radical does that although I don’t have the stomach for it.

    I’ve just gotten into reading your blog and am enjoying your writing. Found you over at Evil Bender’s pad.

  11. beverly said,

    *lacks words*

  12. ajw308 said,

    Unwilling sex slave?

    If you went and read the original posting, she returned to that life after being “redeemed” by a gentleman who wanted to marry her.

    That sounds more like a voluntee to me. It also should confirm any suspicions that an alert reader may have had as to he being lured into a life of prostitution, unwittingly.

    She returned to the life of a prostitute, willingly, after she was out of it. The other prostitute in the article was sleeping with her old pimp after she ‘escaped’ from him. Her reasoning was “to show him that she harbored no hard feelings” towards him.

    Vox doesn’t ridicule those he fears, he ridicules those he finds ridiculous.

  13. marshwiggle said,

    While I appreciate some of Vox’s points, his methodology is one of extreme bitterness.. and in the end, bitterness always destroys you and the people who spend too much time listening to you. As a christian, I apologize for another under the same name who forgets that Christ spent more quality time with women than any other religious leader of His time or century. Even His resurrection was attested to first by women, (which by the way was rather unusual, as at that time a woman’s word was usually quickly discounted). Christ loves all women and men, and came to free us from our slavery of all sorts, sexual and otherwise. To misquote Ghandi just a tad, please look at our Christ and not at some of His followers. My sincerest apologies for vox’s bitterness which will only end up destroying whatever light he has.

    Ridicule wins you no new friends, but it sure keeps your old friends backs turned away from you.


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