July 1, 2006

Oh… my… my head…

Posted in Government, Humor at 1:14 pm by The Lizard Queen

From ChezLark (hat tip to Shakespeare’s Sister): Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) describes the Internet. It’s funny… though I’m not quite certain if that’s “funny-ha-ha” or “funny-uh-oh”…



  1. DavidD said,

    Nothing in the Constitution requires a Senator to speak coherently. At least they don’t club each other senseless any more. Then again, such a head injury to Senator Stevens would explain a lot. He is also a lot closer to 100 than I am.

    There’s a reason why legislators are forever asking consent to revise and extend their remarks – unless they’re as safely in office as Ted Stevens is. He doesn’t have to give a damn.

  2. Vixen said,

    It’s funny that he’s so confident while making such an ass of himself.–>

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