October 28, 2006

Adoption issues

Posted in Children and adolescents, Civil rights, Family, GLBT issues at 12:04 pm by The Lizard Queen

So… why, exactly, do people say that same-sex couples aren’t as qualified to adopt children as heterosexual couples?

From CNN.com: Mother guilty of killing, abusing boy, 7

LANSING, Michigan (AP) — A mother who claimed that her missing 7-year-old son had run away was found guilty Friday of his murder.

Lisa Holland cried quietly as jurors found her guilty of first-degree felony murder and child abuse in the death last year of her adopted son Ricky. …

Her husband testified that on July 1, 2005, he came home from an errand and found Ricky dead in bed, with vomit and traces of blood around his mouth, and his wife screaming she “didn’t mean to do it.”

He said that a week earlier, he had returned from military training in Virginia to find the boy with a cut on his head, listless and unable to walk. He said he didn’t take him to a doctor because he didn’t want a confrontation with his wife and thought his son would get better. …

The prosecution said Ricky likely suffered a brain injury a week or more before he died, and his parents let him die a slow death.

The Hollands became Ricky’s foster parents in 2000 and adopted him in 2003, the year after the parental rights of his biological parents were terminated because of neglect.

The couple also adopted Ricky’s three younger siblings and in addition had a child of their own.

Now, this is obviously an extreme case, and I know that for every horrible set of adoptive parents you hear about, there are thousands of wonderful, generous, loving adoptive parents. Still, how would it be harmful to increase the pool of potential adoptive parents such that parents (of any sexual persuasion) that might ultimately do harm to the children they adopt might perhaps, just perhaps, have less of a chance of getting to adopt children? Maybe I’m being too optimistic. Maybe 99.9% of adoptive parents who end up harming the children they adopt seem heaven-sent right up until they’re arrested. But I can’t help wondering…


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