November 4, 2006

You can’t be serious

Posted in Animals, Politics at 12:46 pm by The Lizard Queen

Well, I think this is the worst attack ad I’ve heard of thus far:

It’s an ad that could break your heart.A sad little girl is sitting on the curb holding an empty leash.

“Where’s my dog?” she asks.

The answer, according to a campaign mailer from the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, is: Larry Glick probably stole it. …

Glick said he never stole a dog. He said that 29 years ago, he and his wife were hired as caretakers of a Bucks County estate. The only dog frolicking around the grounds was their black Lab, Magic.

Nevertheless, shortly after they moved away, a sheriff showed up at the door with a lawsuit alleging that Glick made off with Wrango, a pedigreed springer spaniel worth $450.

“We didn’t, but we hired an attorney,” Glick said. “We never heard anything more about it.”

Just when I think attack ads can’t surprise me anymore, I’m proven wrong…

(Tipping my tiara to Gina Spadafori)


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  1. DavidD said,

    I like the part through Gina’s link, “It’s all straight from the public records.” Ah yes, I’m sure that little girl is in there somewhere. She just had to be fleshed out for those of us who lack such imagination. had a summary of outrageous ads for this election season yesterday. Their conclusion is that it’s best for voters to police these things rather than trying to find a way to outlaw them.

    I disagree. I want God, the Vogons, or whoever to look down from their more objective place in the sky and zap all the bad people. It would hurt economic growth, but what a different world it would be.

    It says something about God that that doesn’t happen. It says something about people that for many, their only limits in attacking their opponents are practical ones, not anything moral. Couldn’t we pass a law that people without a conscience have to wear a dot on their forehead? Or maybe those who do?

    I suppose I lack faith in the general public to be so discriminating. Gee, after a lifetime of watching politics, O.J. get off, and seeing what people will write on the internet, I don’t think I’m wrong in that.

    I’m glad cultural evolution doesn’t depend on individuals deciding which way the culture will go. It seems to go the right way, no matter that some people prove how bad they can be within that culture, very bad, very bad indeed. That’s the best I can do. No Vogons.

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