January 22, 2007

Blogging for choice: why I’m pro-choice

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Blog for Choice

Why am I pro-choice? It’s fairly simple, actually: I want to have the freedom to make my own decisions when it comes to my reproductive health and well-being. I want the women I love to have that same freedom. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m younger than Roe v. Wade, which celebrates its 34th anniversary today, but my mother isn’t, and she’s told me stories involving friends or acquaintances of hers and back-alley-type abortions. Just because abortion is illegal doesn’t mean women won’t have them; they’ll simply be more dangerous (which is also something I’ve mentioned before).

Furthermore, three rapid-fire thoughts: I don’t see why it should be anyone else’s business what a woman does with her own body; I don’t believe a zygote should be privileged over a fully-formed human being; and many abortion bans include exceptions that can be difficult to interpret, which then makes me wonder who gets to interpret them and brings me back to the idea that what a woman does with her body should be her own business and no one else’s.

Finally, the bumper stickers that read “Against Abortion? Don’t Have One!” are harsh and oversimplified, but I think they have a point. If abortion is legal, women who are pregnant and don’t wish to be have a choice: they can end the pregnancy or they can bear a child. If abortion is illegal, women who are pregnant and don’t wish to be have no choice but to bear the child, regardless of the health problems or mental duress bearing the child might cause. Quite simply, making the choice available is the course of action that makes the most sense to me, and so I am pro-choice.


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  1. DavidD said,

    I like the bumper sticker you mention. I don’t think the government has any business regulating abortion, any more than any unrelated citizen should be telling a woman she must or must not have an abortion. It would take a very different Supreme Court to say that’s not speech that the First Amendment protects, that intimidation is not political speech, but one can make that argument.

    It’s been lost in the partisan rhetoric how wise the Supreme Court was in Roe v. Wade in saying that until the unborn child can exist somewhere else besides a woman’s womb, it’s not for the government to tell that woman what to do.

    Yet many people disagree, and most pretend to speak for God in that. Can’t God speak for Himself? I suppose some who attack abortion with violence or with words believe God has spoken to them explicitly, whether directly, through the Pope, or through everyone they know believing the same thing. They assume their opponents are such scum, God never would speak to us, just as I suppose they assume God never would look at a situation and say abortion is not only the lesser of two evils, but a good thing.

    I bet the vast majority of the anti-abortion crowd have no first-hand knowledge of parents going through a second-trimester abortion, because it took that long to diagnose something like Tay-Sachs Disease prenatally. Such parents feel somber, but absolutely certain of their decision to abort such a child, especially if they’ve already had one child with a disease like this, a storage disease where lipids build up in an infant’s brain, squeezing out a brain that grows normally for some months, then takes a year or two to die. Some people can say such a thing is “God’s will” and go through it more than once, but not many.

    Is God so stupid or so rigid that He thinks abortion is a bad thing in that situation, for parents who still want to try to have a normal child despite their 25% risk for putting another child through such a hell of a disease? There are plenty of anti-abortion people who are. God is not. God knows at least as much as I do about this. So I’m sure He is not with the anti-abortion crowd as they think he is. Then how does He see these people who are so stupid or rigid as to say a disease that takes years to kill a child slowly and agonizingly is better than even a second-trimester abortion? It’s not the best side of humanity that is this way.

    On many issues people say others should do this and not do that. Both liberals and conservatives do that. Both theists and atheists do that. It’s not well received to tell everyone to shut up about that. Yet I wish I could. People are not that good generally about telling others they should do this and not that. That message is not coming through our modern culture very well. As much as everyone understands the value of freedom, people haven’t faced the demons that make such control freaks of them and want to control everyone else, too.

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