January 27, 2007

Musicians promoting Teh Gay

Posted in GLBT issues, Humor, Media at 1:34 pm by The Lizard Queen

I wasn’t going to comment at all on Donnie Davies, because the song of his that’s being focused on makes me ill. Seriously, I don’t care if it’s a hoax or not–I made it through half the video and had to turn it off and search for some Ani videos to wash away my disgust. Today, however, I came across his list of “bands to watch out for” (h/t to Crooks and Liars), which I do find amusing (particularly since some of my favorite artists are on the list). Here are some excerpts, with my thoughts:

  • Indigo Girls: so gay he named ’em twice.
  • Elton John: ditto (the second time his name appears, it’s with the parenthetical addendum “really gay”–well, duh…)
  • Wilson Phillips: should any parents really be concerned that their child is listening to a pop group from the early nineties? (Though maybe I just answered my own question: if your son is listening to Wilson Phillips, it’s probably time to break out the Boone’s Farm and have a chat…)
  • Dogstar: *snicker* Okay, I’ll concede that the inclusion of Keanu Reeves’s grunge band is a major point for those who believe this whole thing is a hoax…
  • “The Grateful Dead (AIDS)”: huh?
  • “George Michael (texan)”: wha?
  • Clay Aiken: aww, come on, that’s just mean… (I know, I know, he’s probably just wicked closeted, but I agree that it’s not really anyone’s business but his own.)

Finally, on a more serious note, I have some thoughts about the Donnie Davies thing being a hoax, I think ‘ll save them for another post…


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  1. Cara said,

    I just read that list and found it really amusing!! The Rolling Stones? I can’t think that anyone in the history of ever has acccused them of being gay.

    Now here’s what I found interesting- at the top it has a quote from Oscar Wilde, whom he describes as “reformed homosexual”… I’d like to check his historical sourse on that!

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