January 28, 2007

Re: Donnie Davies’s “music”

Posted in GLBT issues, Musings at 11:34 am by The Lizard Queen

There are (were) two possibilities here. One is that he’s serious. I’m gullible, and have been exposed to entirely too many fundies who buy into the “Jesus loves everyone but those queers” idea, so my first impression was that the singer was in earnest in spite of the pink shirt and mustache. Of course, I’m not made of stone; I giggled in disbelief at the lines “to enter heaven there’s no back door” and “righteous man, get on your knees / There lies no virtue in sodomy,” just like pretty much everyone else in the left-wing blogosphere.

Which then, of course, brings us to the second possibility: that this is just a big hoax. It’s a joke. It’s satire. That’s the conclusion Pam Spaulding came to, as well as numerous commenters on Pandagon as well as Crooks and Liars–and now Joe.My.God. has concluded that Donnie Davies is, in fact, Joey Oglesby, and I’m inclined to agree. I agree that much of the material on the Love God’s Way website is ludicrous (Oscar Wilde was a “reformed homosexual”? Riiiiiight…), such that anyone who’s paying attention knows not to take it seriously. However, what about those who aren’t really paying attention? Doesn’t this just feed the flame of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric? I’m the first to state that everyone needs to be able to laugh at themselves, but when we still have to “remind broader society just how ugly a term ‘faggot’ can be”, when grieving parents are confronted by Westboro Baptist Church’s hatemongering signs at their children’s funerals, when a portion of the U.S. population is deliberately given the status of second-class citizen (at best!), might satire that proudly proclaims that “the Bible says God hates fags” be doing more harm than good?


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  1. Just remember that our ministry is all about offering people a choice. For instance, the good people at Westboro Baptist Church have one interpretation of the “god hates fags” concept and we offer another. The good news now is, when people search for the phrase “god hates fags” on Google they will be confronted with our message as an alternative to the Westboro approach.

    Now we did have to copy the Westboro message a little. That was just unavoidable. If you want to impact search results for the phrase “god hates fags” then you are pretty much stuck with that message. We can’t impact those results talking about “god eats cheesecake” or “god is disinclined towards theological totalitarianism”. That just won’t get anywhere. That leaves us talking about hating fags. You could view our ministry as a choice in delivery rather than a choice in message. We think that’s a good choice to offer. After all, our option is a little more, shall we say, musical?

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