February 2, 2007

A preview–also, bask in my nerdy glow!

Posted in Blogging, Censorship at 9:23 am by The Lizard Queen

I’ve noticed that a good number of people who find their way here through search engines do so using words and phrases that relate to banned or challenged books. (There was also one poor soul who came here searching for lizard breeders in Connecticut–boy, must he or she have been disappointed…) Lately–most likely due to the upcoming Disney movie–people have ended up here searching for information on Katherine Paterson’s Bridge to Terabithia. So, I decided I’d write up a post examining the book and the reasons it’s been challenged or banned. And to aid my research, I went to my school library to check out a book. As I did so, I thought, “Holy cow, I am such a nerd.” Still, I’d rather be thought of as a nerd than as spouting off about topics I know nothing about.

The post should be up sometime this weekend.



  1. DavidD said,

    Good for you.

    I don’t think of it as being a nerd. I think of it as being a great hunter of intellectual beasts, ones that wait in the darkness unexplored by naturally minded people, ready to pick off the occasional ordinary person who wanders by, through accident. Just as someone’s thoughts build to a crescendo, the beasts lunge, scrambling the brains of the unsuspecting, sucking off all stray words and images from their mind, leaving them in that familiar state expressed as, “What was I doing?”

    I can see their big-cat eyes, through the book stacks, in those strange reflections from those parts of my computer screen I haven’t touched since it came out of the box. I know they’re there. They don’t dare call me “nerd”. They know I see them, and I’m coming for them, right after I watch Heroes. Then I’ll grab them by the neck and say, “There’s nothing you can do to me.” Only I’m wrong. One roars, and there are all these teeth. Sharks would be envious. It’s coming at my mind. There’s only two choices – all those teeth or the empty throat in the middle of them. Well, I’m not diving into those teeth.

    Hmmm, what hero’s story comes next, Jonah’s, Luke Skywalker’s, Men in Black’s, ones where our hero is stuck in the beast indefinitely like an alter ego? They’re all pretty disgusting, aren’t they? Hmmm, perhaps a different premise. Ideas as beautiful women! That would be better. I’ll work on that one in private. Liz, you can choose your own way to define yourself, I’m sure.

    Just because you use your brain doesn’t mean that’s all you are. There is something more than teen-agers can see. No one is fully grown until at least 30. Just look at peak years for home run hitters. There are other examples.

  2. gyenyame said,

    I am looking forward to it.
    As to being nerdy, I can’t help with the “nerd issue” as such,…. but i can extend copious amounts of empathy. 🙂

  3. Cara said,

    I know you love language ambiguity as much as I do… From the amazon.com description of the book you checked out (copied exactly, including the punctuation, or lack/addition thereof):

    About the Author
    Nicholas J. Karolides is a professor of English and associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. He is also the author of 100 Banned Books.)

    My first thought was, “holy cow- he’s written 100 books that have been banned!” 🙂

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