February 9, 2007

Friday foodblogging

Posted in Blogging, Food at 6:19 pm by The Lizard Queen

Via Pharyngula: Foods you might want to steer clear of. (For example, three words: musk Life Savers. Eeugh.)

Via Shakes Sis: Cheddarvision. Shakes: “Watching cheese age: More or less exciting than watching paint dry?”

Happy weekend, everyone!



  1. Dave said,

    Some of those don’t sound that bad. Like the Pearl Lolly or the “Purplos.” Sausage made with beef, mutton, spices and honey sounds good to me, I wonder why they are bright purple though? Beet flavoring? Mysterious.

  2. You’re right; the pearl lollipop doesn’t sound bad at all (mmm, Madagascar vanilla…), and the Purplos actually sound like a good flavor combination–a flavor combination that beets would probably fit into rather well, so you may have hit on the answer to the mystery there. Still–sausage that isn’t brown or that red color of kielbasa makes me a bit nervous… (not that I’m a big sausage-eater in the first place…)

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