February 25, 2007

Weekend “apropos of nothing” post

Posted in Apropos of nothing, Food, Personal at 1:30 pm by The Lizard Queen

It’s Easter candy season! Cadbury creme eggs and mini eggsthose “chicks and rabbits” that are essentially circus peanuts in different shapes and colors… jelly beans galore… those vaguely marshmallowy (basically just slightly creamy compressed sugar) eggs with brightly colored candy shells that I wanted to buy at the grocery store last night but talked myself out of because I imagine they’d put me into diabetic shock in spite of the fact that I’m not diabetic… and, of course, Peeps (though naturally I would rather play with Peeps than eat them). I love it. Why, I don’t know exactly. Partly nostalgia, perhaps, but also, as much as I love truly good food, high-quality dark chocolate, shopping at Wild Oats or Trader Joe’s, and so on… I enjoy this junk. And before long I’ll be bouncing off the walls, singing sugar’s praises. Good times!

Speaking of nostalgia, though, I have to admit that I don’t always take kindly to innovations or new products in the realm of Easter candy. Green Peeps? Pastel candy corn? Nonsense! And then I thought of the Mad Hatter “fixing” the White Rabbit’s watch in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland: he slathers it with butter, tea, and jam, and then is offered mustard. He accepts it, then does a double take. “Mustard?!” he exclaims. “Don’t let’s be silly…” Don’t let’s be silly, indeed…



  1. Cara said,



  2. Cara said,

    Damn. Didn’t work.

  3. Cara said,

    Double plus damn!!

  4. Mwa ha ha ha! Good times. 🙂

  5. […] into that trap, so if you see me doing any of the aforementioned things, please, for the love of all that’s sugary, call me on […]

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