March 16, 2007

“I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!”

Posted in Humor, Movies, Personal at 12:19 pm by The Lizard Queen

I just couldn’t resist posting this:

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Also figured I’d let anyone who’s interested know that I am, in fact, alive and kicking; I’ve just had a cold, and now I’m in snowy Boston, watching basketball in HD and preparing for hockey tonight. Mmm, hockey…



  1. gyenyame said,

    jealous…. beyond… belief…

  2. Evil Bender said,

    I so totally don’t know what to say about this. But it’s cool that I haven’t seen any duplicate characters yet.

  3. gyenyame said,

    perhaps if we all managed to get together, we could do a script reading.
    *nerd quotient = high*

  4. pavlov112 said,

    Buttercup?! I’m BUTTERCUP?! That is disturbing. That is *revolting*. 😉

  5. luaphacim said,

    Glad to hear you’re alive and in snowy Boston! 🙂

    My officemate also tested positive as a Buttercup. It must be his stylish clothes? He’s getting married next weekend, and we are buying him the book. An interesting side-note: Marshwiggle has the same character as EB. Yes, funny. tee hee.

  6. pavlov112 said,

    Stylish clothes can’t be the common Buttercup thread. If you saw my wardrobe, you’d understand… (Congrats on the pending nuptials, of course. Certainly an opportunity for truly stylish dress.)

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