March 27, 2007

“Girls shouldn’t read big books like that.”

Posted in Children and adolescents, Feminism at 11:15 am by The Lizard Queen

This breaks my heart:

I work at a bookstore. I was cashiering today when a woman and her two kids (a boy and a girl, both somewhere between 13-15) came up to the register. The mom was buying 2 celeb gossip magazines, and the boy put down a book. The girl then walked up and set down the newest volume of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.

The mom says “You can’t buy that.”

Girl: Why?
Mom: Because it’s too big.
Girl: [Brother] is buying a book that big. It’s not very expensive.
Mom: [Brother] is a boy. You’re a girl. And girls shouldn’t read big books like that. It’s too thick. Boys don’t like girls who read thick books. You want boys to like you, don’t you?

The girl went and put the book away.


[h/t to PZ Myers]



  1. Taylor said,

    Yet another moment when I thank the gods of fate that I had parents who were willing and able to buy me any book I showed interest in. It is because of them that my bookshelves groan.

  2. pavlov112 said,

    This boy likes girls who read thick books. In fact, he’d really rather not settle down with a girl who doesn’t read them.

    I desperately hope that that girl is the type who reacts to this the way that you eventually did, LQ, and not the type who internalizes and believes this load of crap.

  3. gye nyame said,

    Why does *my* race have to be the dumbest one?

    I know for myself (and perhaps for a reasonable percentage of your readership) that for a person of any gender or persuasion,

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