March 27, 2007

It happened again today…

Posted in Personal at 3:52 pm by The Lizard Queen

First, a disclaimer: I don’t presume to speak for all women. If you’re a woman and you disagree with me, please feel free to speak up in the comments. (Of course, one should feel free to speak up in the comments in the first place, but you know what I mean.)

Next, a note to the straight men out there. I love you guys, I really do, but for the love of all that’s good, PLEASE STOP TRYING TO PICK ME UP IN THE GROCERY STORE. I’m there because I have to be, not because I want to be, and indeed, I’ve often quite simply run out of food, which means I haven’t eaten, which means I am very much not in the mood for small talk.

Furthermore, if you really must go for it–let’s say you’ve been struggling to find a woman who shares your vegetarian lifestyle, and you notice that I’m buying tofu–please, please pay attention to body language and other non-verbal cues. If I’m not acting particularly interested, if I’m subtly angling my body away from you and continuing to go about my business, then you’re probably not going to get anywhere and should probably just be on your merry way.

Thank you for your time.


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  1. gye nyame said,

    I’m so sorry…

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