March 27, 2007

Right-wing head-scratchers…

Posted in Wingnuts at 1:14 am by The Lizard Queen



  1. pavlov112 said,

    Much as I hate to give Rush any credit whatsoever, his grammar is almost certainly correct. There’s an implied verb at the end of that sentence (“to be”), and “you and I” make up its subject.

    That said, he’s apolitical in the same way that every pundit or political candidate that claims populist “outsider” status is: not at all. 🙂

    I can’t even begin to comment on any of the other crap you’ve linked to here, other than to shake my head once again at the utter stupidity, subservient obedience and utter callousness to other people that far too much of “humanity” displays to one another. (I wonder – can you invoke Godwin’s Law on Tom DeLay outside of an electronic forum?)

  2. Fixed my grammatical error; “you and I” just sounded so wrong to me at 2 am… 🙂

  3. pavlov112 said,

    I think most things sound wrong at 2 am (in the morning)… 🙂

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