April 1, 2007

National Poetry Month 2007

Posted in Literature, Poetry at 1:19 pm by The Lizard Queen

Well, here we are, in April already, which means I have a great excuse to post a bunch of poems I like! I’m going to do my best to post a poem every day this month in honor of National Poetry Month. I’ll post two short ones for today. First, Emily Dickinson:

A little Madness in the Spring
Is wholesome even for the King,
But God be with the Clown—
Who ponders this tremendous scene—
This whole Experiment of Green—
As if it were his own!

–c. 1875

Next, Joan Logghe, a New Mexican writer. This is from her collection of “domestic sonnets” (quotation marks because I would argue that not all of them are necessarily domestic, and not all of them are technically sonnets), Rice:

It would have been enough, dayenu, the singing
and the letting my people go. Moses has attitude.
Elijah on a Harley. Men make trouble and women
write and direct some other holy film. This life is shot
in living color. Spring greens, an egg, horseradish
pinked by beets. The beat goes on, and the beat
generation dies. A musical called Hair, one called
Jesus Christ Superstar. I’m just about done with these.

Last night Passover made out of the please
and the thanks. Missiles fly to Kosovo,
get shot down. Surprise, the faces of Albanians
are just like love! War and peace fly over my garden.
We are flung in and out of Eden. Who bit the apple?
Who knew what trouble was brewing?



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