April 11, 2007

Best. Promo. Ever.

Posted in Humor, Literature at 10:40 pm by The Lizard Queen

This is totally something I would do.  Also, as Blue Gal said, I’m totally going to buy the book.  ‘Cause that’s how I roll.  Also, when I do do something like this someday, I hope Miranda July will reciprocate and buy my book.



  1. Dave Regan said,

    hehe, that’s awesome. Did you ever see her movie? ” Me and You and Everyone we Know,” it was really good. She also has some pretty neat “songs” on her myspace page.

  2. DavidD said,

    I liked the freedom and practicality of it.

    Then I found myself wondering what chemicals made it easier to wipe off the stove top than the refrigerator, the grease, the manufacturer’s surface? Does that mean I’m not an artist? It’s not like I was going to make money off that. I just want to know everything, a desire she satiated for a moment with that shot showing she really was using the refrigerator, but then that same hunger comes back.

  3. Blue Gal said,

    Exactly. I think the shot where she shows that it actually is her refrigerator. It changes everything. All of a sudden it’s a person talking to you.

    Me and You and Everyone we know. I loved that movie to bits.

    Thanks for the linky, Lizard Queen.

  4. Hmm, must check out Me and You and Everyone We Know…

    I think part of the difference between the refrigerator and the stove may be that the surface of a stove tends to be smoother and shinier–I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s so grease will wipe off easier, which then makes sense that other things would wipe off easier, too…

    Not that I expect BG will come back here to read further comments, but always a pleasure! 🙂

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