April 17, 2007

A note to pundits and others…

Posted in News, Politics at 11:37 am by The Lizard Queen

…who are trying to turn yesterday’s tragic shooting into fodder for your pet cause:

Stop it. Just stop. The victims were HUMAN BEINGS. The shooter was a HUMAN BEING. The survivors, the parents who’ve now survived a child, the high school students who lost their big brother or big sister, and so many others–they’re all HUMAN BEINGS. Grief is one of the things that makes us all alike, and indeed, that makes us all human. Events like this have the potential to force us to put aside our differences and come together, to lean on one another in our sorrow.

There is a time to examine policies, et cetera, that might be changed in order to try to prevent something like this from happening. I really don’t think that time has arrived yet. Have you no shame?



  1. Ferrous Patella said,

    I do not understand your inclussion of the link to Dispatches from the Cultures in this article. It seems his article is doing the same thing you are, complaining about someone using the shooting to promote thier pet cause. Did you read it?

  2. You might have noticed that, in fact, all four of those links are to discussions of people using the shooting to promote their pet causes–P.Z. Myers discussing Debbie Schlussel, Ed Brayton discussing Ken Ham, DavidD discussing Michelle Malkin, and Diane Silver discussing the Westboro Baptist Church–because I’d prefer to link to blogs I read by writers I respect than to the writers about whom the aforementioned discussions center. I don’t even know if you’ll be back to read this comment, or if you’ll ever read anything else I’ve written, but I’d prefer if you’d check out the context of links I use before you accuse me of lacking basic reading comprehension.

  3. Mishka P said,

    Lizard Queen wins!

  4. […] pm by The Lizard Queen It’s been a painful and frustrating week, between the VT shooting and all the politicizing that followed, the Supreme Court decision regarding the so-called partial-birth abortion ban (no, I haven’t […]

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