April 28, 2007

Lisa D. Chávez, “Toby in the Garden”

Posted in Poetry at 8:35 pm by The Lizard Queen

I thought this one seemed appropriate after Tiwa’s entry. Here’s where it was first posted, with info as to where it was originally published (support small publications and presses!), as well as pictures. Incidentally, if you have any poem post requests, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Toby in the Garden

The devil’s in the garden
again. Trampling the herbs–
lavender and lamb’s ears.
When he’s done, he’ll pace
the window sill, scratching
to get in. Or leap to the roof,
surveying his domain. Sure,
he’s cute–curl of a tail,
and puppy swagger.
Sweet. Until he sinks
his teeth into the skin
behind the knee.
Little heathen. Devil dog.
Just like the men I love:
beautiful and fierce, trailing
just a bit of brimstone.

Keep your plaster saints.
Angels are overrated.
Who wouldn’t want
a devil in their garden?
That flashy charmer and the fruit
that flourishes in his hand.
He offers it all with a grin,
says, come, taste,
live a little. Sin.

–Lisa D. Chávez, 2006


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