April 28, 2007

Saturday dogblogging: Tiwa’s turn

Posted in Animals, Blogging at 2:39 pm by The Lizard Queen

Mama said that another dog has been writing a lot lately and so it’s finally my turn to write some! I’ve been telling her that I should get to write for ages but she keeps forgetting, even though I showed her how good I could write!


See! I’m a writer, too! Mama says so lots and lots! She also says stuff about me being a good girl and a naughty girl and talks about how I convince my big brother Shay-mus to do naughty things and about how Shay-mus taught me to dig holes closer to the fence but I still don’t understand why I’m digging them but boy do I like to dig!

Anyway, so this week Mama took me back to that place she kept taking me to when my tummy kept feeling all funny last summer. Shay-mus told me he went there a little while ago with Mama and his daddy and it was scary when they made him stand in the corner on the black thing and talked about numbers, and they kinda poked him, but otherwise it was good ’cause people were petting him and saying he was a good boy. Well, I don’t really care about being petted so much, but I was excited ’cause I got to go in the car with Mama and Shay-mus’s daddy and then there were lots of neat smells when we got out and then there were other dogs but Mama wouldn’t let me play with them, she would just let me sniff them and then when I pulled on my leash Mama would say “no, baby girl, you’re too big” and I don’t know what that means. I know she thinks me and Shay-mus play too rough, though. She got mad at me for telling Shay-mus to pin Miss Stella‘s new brother Loyd down so I could nip his ankles, I guess ’cause of what happened with that other dog, Toe-bee. I never got to meet Toe-bee, and now I don’t think I’ll get to ’cause of what happened with Shay-mus and then what happened with Gid-ee-un, but I’ve met Gid-ee-un and he was super nice to me and played with me and taught me how to dig better, and I’ve met Toe-bee’s sister Bell who Toe-bee calls mean names and she played with me lots and lots, so I don’t know if I want to meet Toe-bee ’cause I maybe don’t think he’d like me very much.

Anyway, so then Mama took me over into the corner to stand on the black thing and Shay-mus was right–it was scary! And I tried to climb off of it but Mama wouldn’t let me! So I laid down and that seemed to satisfy everybody ’cause they talked about numbers then let me up. Then we went into a little room and two ladies came in and they were touching me and I didn’t like that. And then they said something about shots and then the lady with the blond hair put her hand on my rump and then there was a little poke that hurt SO MUCH! And so I yelped and squirmed away and hid behind Mama, and Mama scritched me behind my ears like I like and called me baby girl but still she and the other people laughed at me and called me a drama queen, and I don’t know what that means but it doesn’t sound nice! And then those two ladies took me out of the room and put the pointy things in me again and I yelped again but they wouldn’t let me get away and then they looked real close at a bump on my leg and then they took me back in to Mama and I hid behind her again and she scritched my ears again and I could tell she was worried about something but I couldn’t lick her face to make her feel better ’cause I was still pretty scared. And then the blond lady came back in and talked to Mama about the thing on my leg and she said it wasn’t one thing–can…something–and Mama was relieved, but they still decided that it has to come off so I’m going back there in a week for an operation. I’ve had an operation before–Mama called it getting spade, I think–and it wasn’t so bad. I had to stay in that place overnight but the next day I went back to Mama and it was okay.

Anyway, so here are some pictures of me from last fall:


This was when I got to play with Bell!


And this is me and Gid-ee-un!

‘Kay, bye!



  1. luaphacim said,

    That’s quite the paratactic style that Tiwa has going on there. 🙂

  2. Hoo yeah. Tell me about it. (Totally had to look up paratactic!)

  3. Evil Bender said,

    I’m surprised she doesn’t spend a bunch of time on jumping. 🙂

  4. shibazrule said,

    All the dogs have to copy me. All of them. First it was that little shiba bitch bel, then Gideon who can’t even spell, and now this Tewa who I don’t even know and she can’t spell my name right.

    Still, I have to admit a certain sympathy for this….Tiwa. (And what kind of dog is she anyway? Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter, because really there are only Shibas and Not-a-Shibas.) I think the dog doctor place is scary too, and not many things scare me, the world’s largest Shiba, as my readers know.

    I don’t like those sharp things either. And I don’t like being on the table. And I get something tied around my muzzle which is even worse.

    And what about those things they stick up our butts? How undignified!

    So I guess this Tiwa might be right about some things. She might even be fun to play with. But she sure is wrong about that Shaymus dog. I hate him! I bit him and bit him. Ha!

    From Toby, the World’s Largest Shiba

  5. […] belly-scritching (for example, I spent big chunks of the weekend playing with and being shadowed by Tiwa’s friend “Gid-ee-un,” which was sweet, and now the kitties are curled up adorably together at my feet, a pleasant […]

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