May 1, 2007

A special day

Posted in Animals, Personal at 10:46 am by The Lizard Queen

Last summer a woman with whom I am connected through the university made a trip to the Taos pueblo. The friend she’d gone to see was out, and as she waited for him or her to return, she chatted with a couple of women on the plaza who had a puppy with them. While the puppy was incredibly fluffy, upon touching her one realized that she was emaciated, and she walked with a limp. The Taos women told the university woman that the puppy was recovering from a broken leg and was unable to keep up with the rest of the pack that roams the reservation. The university woman volunteered to take the puppy in and find her a good home. I met the puppy the next day, and fell in love instantly. I took a picture with the camera in my phone and sent it to Evil Bender with a simple caption: “I am in so much trouble.” How could I resist that face?


I named her Tiwa, which is the traditional language of the Taos pueblo, she came home with me, and now I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without her. So, you ask, what does that have to do with today? Well, when I took her to the vet at the end of July, the vet guessed that she was about three months old, so I decided that her birthday was May 1st. (She’s totally a Taurus, too.) So, happy birthday, baby girl. Your mama adores you.




  1. Evil Bender said,

    It’s hard to imagine life without Tiwa. Certainly I know another dog who’d be a lot more bored without her.

  2. luaphacim said,

    yay puppies! 🙂

  3. beverly said,

    Aww, the baby is a year old!!! She lucked out with a great mama! Maddie and Tilly send her love…as I do, of course!

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