May 7, 2007

Have I mentioned recently how much I love Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Posted in Feminism, Politics at 8:32 pm by The Lizard Queen

‘Cause I really do.

(Part of) Melissa’s take:

Women who react with horror at public breastfeeding infuriate me endlessly, because they’re just promulgating the sexualization of the nursing breast, which is what creates this whole dynamic in the first place. They’re almost inevitably prudes who believe our bodies are to be secreted away lest Jesus weep, but if the Almighty had a problem with women getting their tits out in public, then he would have put our nipples on our thumbs.

And how sad is it that the picture in question is of a woman using one of her breasts for its primary function, but when I was thinking about how to tag this post the first things that came to mind were “feminism” and “politics”?

(EB’s response to the title question: “Yes. Yes you have.” To which I say: “Quiet, you.”)



  1. Cara said,

    Guess I’m one of those women Melissa hates, though I’d hardly categorize myself as prudish or conservative. I’m not a fan of public breastfeeding. It’s got nothing to do with sexuality to me, but everything to do with politeness and discretion.

  2. luaphacim said,

    I think it should be something that is natural and healthy in public… but in practice, I find it kind of gross and embarrassing, even when my good friends are the ones doing it. I guess maybe it’s just hard for me to look a woman in the eye afterwards without thinking, “I know who’s been going to town on YOUR nipples for the last 15 minutes.”

  3. DavidD said,

    I had a client today who felt perfectly comfortable breastfeeding her two year-old in front of me as we attended to some other issues, first one breast, then the other, just lifting up her top to do each one. Why is she still breastfeeding her two year-old? I don’t know. I don’t care. One problem at a time.

    The thing is that to me it looked exactly like it does when other parents comfort their children of that age with bottles of milk or juice. Likewise I could talk with them about other things a parent can do instead of encouraging an oral addiction, but I always have more vital subjects to cover with them such as getting food, clothing, jobs, housing, and health care. And I am as much relieved as the parent is for the child to be quiet so we can manage these more vital things.

    Now some people see a breast as different from a bottle. I do, but not a lot. If you’ve seen breasts used as bottles enough, it’s not a big deal, even if the mother isn’t completely covered in the process. If you haven’t, then turn your head or go in the restroom and jerk off, whichever the case may be. Let other people do what they need to do. I wish people could be more practical about such things.

    Maybe someday all children will understand from elementary school what it means that we are mammals, from the implications that has on how our brains work, how our interpersonal relationships work and that breasts are functional both sexually and maternally. It’s only embarassing if your limbic system hasn’t been properly trained in these subjects, if your intellect has been taught that there’s something wrong here.

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