May 11, 2007

You might be a woman if… (two)

Posted in Feminism, Government, Language at 1:17 pm by The Lizard Queen

[Part two in an ongoing series]

…you’ve ever had to spend time worrying what people are going to call you when you’re in a position of authority, and/or people have spent time pondering (aloud, with a microphone) what title you should be given:

During floor debate yesterday, Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) repeatedly referred to Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) as a “man.” McHenry appeared to be upset when Tauscher, who was presiding as chairwoman, chose not to recognize him until other members in the chamber stopped chatting. McHenry shouted out to Tauscher:

Madam Chairman, Madam Chairwoman? Madam Chair? Madam Chairman? Madam Chairperson? Madam Chairwoman?

After a few moments, Tauscher recognized McHenry. “For what purpose does the gentleman from North Carolina rise?”

Check out the video here.

Numerous commenters over on the Think Progress site made comments that boiled down to “this isn’t a big deal; why is TP reporting on it?” (*sigh*) I’ll agree that Tauscher might have handled the situation better, and that the moment says less about whether or not McHenry is a sexist than about how much of a petulant creep he is, but this is an issue nonetheless. I think Paul the Spud (who gets the tiara-tip) said it well (by facetiously giving voice to McHenry’s inner monologue) in his post, entitled Damn Them Uppity Womenfolk!:

They get into positions of power, and think they can lord it over us men! Well, we’ll just have to put them in their place!

A commenter over on Shakesville posted a link to the following video, which is only tangentially related, but amused me nonetheless. Know your Parliamentary Procedure, bitchez:



  1. Ashley said,

    Feminism is nearly as repulsive as communism. Poor workers are weak – women are weak. The most incompetent people are women: whether mothers or accountants, each is failingly inept. Those silly women – the word itself is an affront to me – who spend thousands of dollars per year on cosmetics, clothing, and products to enhance their beauty (many of which do little to help these unfortunates) and embrace their sexuality, can never truly be competent. The only women who have the capability within them are those who repress their sexuality and accept it as a handicap. A woman could never hope to be as charismatic as some of the great leaders this century has had – President Idi Amin, President Saddam Hussein, Fuhrer Hitler – unless she works hard to repress the pathetic traits and attitude which she is genetically prone to. Weak physically, mentally, and emotionally. I know several feminists, embracing womanhood – and I laugh at how physically scrawny, chubby, and pathetic they are. Some woman soldiers can be astoundingly competent by repressing this genetic handicap – but most women choose to prance around like the foolish bitches in heat they truly are. Feminists: you believe yourself powerful. Yet most anti-feminists are a thousand times stronger than you, embracing a male attitude to life in all aspects and overcoming their affliction. Most of you are also dykes: God Hates Fags. Burn in hell, you feeble-minded maggot.

  2. […] the other hand, I seem to have attracted a troll of my own, and one who employs the rhetoric of the Westboro Baptist Church, no less. […]

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