May 15, 2007

Ah-HA! — global warming explained

Posted in Environment, Humor at 8:44 pm by The Lizard Queen

It’s all about the unicorn waves:

In fact while in a lab CO2 will absorb energy and act as an insulator, when it is in the atmosphere pixies cast magical spells on the CO2 so that the radiation passes straight through it. Of course we would have realised this long ago if it wasn’t for the fact that, completely coincidentally, as human CO2 output has risen unicorn wave emission from the sun has increased at the same time. Now unicorn waves have the strange property that they curve away from detectors (they are shy), so the satellites and other systems that monitor the sun continuously don’t see them, and this is actually what has caused the warming.

[c/o Gristmill]


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  1. DavidD said,

    I like the parent article even better, how Republican victories correlate with sunspots, first positively, then negatively. Without any pre-existing theory, one can do all sorts of mischief with data. Of course one has much more freedom with fantasies, lies and making up data. I suppose the truly critical factor is getting a group of people together who will all support each other in believing such fantasy.

    One person can be very creative on his or her own, but is just a kook. A group of people believing the same thing upgrades that to being a cult, but a big enough group becomes a voting bloc and gets airtime as an alternative point of view. In the end, though, truth wins, I think. I really do. The question is whether new lies are made quickly enough to obscure the truth, or if the fog of people clinging to their own beliefs will lift in a couple of hundred years now that people challenge lies as much as they do.

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