May 19, 2007

Saturday afternoon roundup

Posted in Animals, Blogging, Environment, Feminism, Government, Politics, Science, Wingnuts at 12:24 pm by The Lizard Queen

Good stuff from the blogs over the past few days. I’ve posted excerpts; follow the link for the whole thing. Enjoy!

Echidne of the Snakes: On The Immigration Bill

First, because the immigration is almost totally from the south of the border the debate often becomes mixed with racism and a certain kind of classism, given that it is mostly the poor who immigrate. Second, the debate about illegal immigrants tends to be about immigration and racism and similar issues, as much as it is about the illegal status of certain immigrants.

Shakesville: Rape is Not Only Hilarious; It’s No Big Deal

Rape is a big deal, and the very least we can do for those who have suffered its excruciating indignity is talk about it with the honesty and gravity it deserves.

Sciencewoman: Scientiae #6

Welcome to the 6th edition of Scientiae, the carnival by, for, and about women in science, engineering, technology, and math! I arbitrarily picked a theme of “mothers and others, those who influenced us along the way” and I got some great posts on the theme topic. But I also saw a ton of great posts on other topics as well, so read all the way through this carnival.

TerranceDC on Pam’s House Blend: Abstaining from Reality

“Uganda was once an HIV prevention success story, where an ambitious government-sponsored prevention campaign, including massive condom distribution and messages about delaying sex and reducing numbers of partners, pushed HIV rates down from 15 percent in the early 1990s to 5 percent in 2001. But conservative evangelicals rewrote this history–with the full-throated cooperation of Uganda’s evangelical first family, the Musevenis.” [Quoted from this article]

Gina Spadafori on the Pet Connection Blog: Pet-food recall: Tainted foods tested in bee colony deaths

“Federal scientists are researching whether the same industrial chemicals blamed for sickening and killing thousands of pets are responsible for decimating the honeybee population. . . . Honeybees in the United States began dying off in unprecedented numbers late last year, threatening the nation’s human food supply, a third of which is dependent on bee pollination. A quarter of the nation’s 2.4 million honeybee colonies died from what scientists dubbed Colony Collapse Disorder.” [Quoted from this article]

Punkass Marc of Punkassblog: Being a sinner is so 12th century, y’all

If you think about it, this kind of self-denial helps explain why so many conservatives continue to refute the existence and consequences of global warming. If all of it were true, then they’d be personally guilty of crimes against humanity, and they simply can’t own such a thing.


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