June 7, 2007

Thursday YouTubein’ — Nickel Creek

Posted in Music at 4:16 pm by The Lizard Queen

I started out looking for a video of Nickel Creek on Austin City Limits in 2001. They performed “The Fox,” and when they do that song live, Chris Thile cuts in at one point with a riff from “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” It kicks ass; I saw the show on PBS back in… it was probably a rerun in 2002, and I fell in love. So, the video was going to be dedicated to M, for reminding me that I’m not a sheep when I most needed it. But I couldn’t find it. I found a few clips of the song, mostly recorded with that crappy quality that suggests to me illicit cell phone recording, but nothing that fully captured the spirit of the performance.

How I went from that to what I’m actually posting is fairly inexplicable; at any rate, the following cover made me laugh and, in my opinion, it’s better than the original, so I figured I’d share it. So, M, this has nothing to do with anything (um, even more so than usual…), but thanks, and I love you!

More Nickel Creek below the fold.

The first track off their 2005 (and last, at least for the forseeable future) album Why Should the Fire Die?, “When in Rome”:

A single from their second album This Side, “Speak”:

Arguably the strongest track off their first, self-titled, album, “The Lighthouse’s Tale” (I saw them perform this at the Newport Folk Festival in 2003 — fucking brilliant):

And finally, the title track from This Side, pretty much ’cause I can:



  1. Taylor said,

    Yay! I love nickel creek. I saw them perform “Toxic” twice- once in Atlanta and once in Charleston and it was killer both times. I loved them before that, but after hearing how awesome it was, I decided that if any of them ever really needed it, I would totally give them a kidney or something.

    I also got to see them do “Up on Cripple Creek” with Old Crow Medicine Show and it was incredible. Everything they do is gold.

    Thanks for the pick-me-up of these videos today.

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