June 15, 2007

Speaking of music…

Posted in Music at 10:29 pm by The Lizard Queen

I was in Boston recently, and while I was there I heard Green Day’s cover of the John Lennon song “Working Class Hero” several times.  I enjoyed it, and tried to make a mental note to look up the CD on which it appears when I got home.

Of course, like many of my mental notes do, this one got misplaced.  But the other day I opened up the iTunes store, and there it was: Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur.  I scanned through the track list.  U2 doing “Instant Karma”?  Cool.  Los Lonely Boys?  Intriguing.   Avril—

Wait a sec.  Avril Lavigne doing “Imagine”?  You must be joking!

Nope.  It’s really on there.  The clip on iTunes isn’t bad, exactly… it just kind of sounds like someone recorded their teenage daughter performing a fairly simplistic rendition of the song, then produced it to the point where it sounds like it could be any teenage girl.  Again, not bad, exactly, but why is it on this collection?

Oh well.  At least the proceeds are going to a good cause.



  1. Evil Bender said,

    I believe when you’re making a product to raise money for charity, it’s generally accepted that it shouldn’t be a product that will make people go out of their way not to purchase it.

    Someone should have told the producers of this collection that.

    Which reminds me, I should post my rant about cover songs sometime soon.

    Avril Lavigne??!? Gack.

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  3. Maria said,

    I think Avril sounds good and more importantly, like most other artists would do, she didn’t over-sing the song. She did well to keep the song as simplistic and beautiful as it should be.

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