June 21, 2007

Thursday YouTubein’ — Run Runaway

Posted in Music at 9:00 am by The Lizard Queen

[I’m so excited about this one that I’m writing it on Saturday. In other news, I am an enormous dork. Wait, haven’t I said that before?]

Speaking of covers

Below is Great Big Sea’s first single. That was the context in which I knew the song. I’d heard it at GBS concerts, danced to it, sang along with the chorus. I knew they hadn’t written it (it just didn’t sound like one of theirs), but had more or less assumed that it was a traditional Newfoundlander song, or perhaps a couple of them mashed together, since it has a vaguely similar sound to many of GBS’s trads. The video is ridiculous, which is partially because it’s 1993, but mostly, I think, because it’s the b’ys:

And then recently I was flipping through channels on my satellite radio and came across the following. My reaction: “what… the… hell?

Further research suggests that the song is, in fact, based on a (Scottish) trad. Still, GBS’s version is essentially a cover of Slade’s. I would never have guessed the b’ys had ever covered an 80’s rock band!


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