June 30, 2007

My MPAA rating: what the hell?

Posted in Blogging at 9:25 pm by The Lizard Queen

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It’s because it found one instance of the word sex. Huh? Sex is one of my bloody categories! It’s in 14 post titles alone! Other keywords I’ve seen on other blogs include rape (which is in 4 post titles), abortion (3 post titles), and gay (though of course GLBT rights is another of my categories), lesbian, pain, torture, death and drugs (each of which is used in one post title). Again, those are just appearances of those specific words in the titles of my posts; they’ve appeared in the text of the posts a great deal more.

So, yeah, I’m annoyed that most progressive bloggers are getting NC-17 ratings, and I got PG. I mean, fucking-A, that’s lame. Though things are clearly skewed if Pandagon only got an R. I guess what I’m saying is that you can let your kids read my blog if you think they’ll appreciate it, but I don’t have to be happy about it.



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  1. Taylor said,

    I got an NC-17 Rating because I had the word “abortion” on my blog. Lame! What about all those times I said “fuck?”

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