July 1, 2007

Blog Against Theocracy II: a preface

Posted in Government, Politics, Religion at 4:05 pm by The Lizard Queen


Before I get to my actual Blog Against Theocracy post (which I intend to put up on Wednesday), I wanted to take some time to explain why we crazy lefties are so concerned about the possibility of a theocracy coming about in the United States. There are those out there who fancy we’re rather like Chicken Little, jumping to the worst conclusion [in this case, theocracy] after a little bump on the noggin [insert any recent example of religion influencing politics here]. I’ll concede that maybe it would never actually come to a theocracy in the fully-fleshed-out sense of the Pope or James Dobson or who-have-you ruling the country, but on the other hand, if you take the word “theocracy” at face value — rule by god/divine will — the idea is not so farfetched. Look at the extent to which a candidate’s faith is discussed before an election. I personally am not particularly interested in which religion (which, more often than not, means which sect of Christianity) a candidate devotes him- or herself to — I just want to know that he or she is devoted to the Constitution, to justice and to the best interests of his or her constituents. Thus I find it alarming how many people are okay with legislators, justices and other government officials making decisions based on their religious faith, rather than on the laws of our land, and thus I feel the need to blog against theocracy.

Again, look for my actual post on Wednesday.


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  1. […] beliefs on others, whether this takes the form of the Exodus Movement to South Carolina or simply letting religion be the guiding factor behind State decisions. I’ve noted that being anti-theocracy isn’t just for the godless, but that religious […]

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