July 16, 2007

Perhaps it’s a good thing I’m moving to Kansas…

Posted in Apropos of nothing at 2:10 pm by The Lizard Queen

For those who don’t know, yes indeed, I’m moving to Topeka. Long story. It’s a little bit intimidating (eek! Suburbia!), though there are things I’m looking forward to (a big yard for the dogs, central air and washer/dryer hookups, counter-protesting at Westboro Baptist protests, spending more time in Lawrence). And I just did something that indicates that perhaps I’m not really cut out to be a New Mexican after all: I just went out to take a couple of pictures of my car (for my next blog post), and didn’t put on shoes. My feet are pretty tough, but it’s 91 degrees F out there. I walked on asphalt. “Not real smart, there, kiddo,” I said to myself.

So, yeah, blog post of substance coming soon. In the meantime, I think I’m going to go soak my feet in some cool water. Ow.



  1. pavlov112 said,

    Yeah, but did you stay out there and finish the job barefoot? If you did, I’m proud. Hell, if you did, my “Don’t you cry even though you stepped on a rusty nail!” father would be proud… or at least he wouldn’t mock you.

  2. Psh. ‘Course I finished the job. What do you take me for, some kinda wuss? 😉

  3. pavlov112 said,

    Never. Perhaps a bit delicate in spots, but I know that you’re one tough cookie.

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