July 24, 2007

“World’s Only Reliable Newspaper” soon to be no more

Posted in Apropos of nothing, News at 10:51 pm by The Lizard Queen

It seems that the Weekly World News is to cease publication soon. I’m thoroughly disappointed — where will I then go for stories about the world’s fattest cat saving Christmas, about Nostradamus’s most recently translated prophecies, about Bat Boy, and perhaps most importantly, about the Pentavirate?

I’m not entirely joking, either. WWN is the only tabloid I’ve ever purchased: this past January or so there was a cover story about a giant cat that “owned” 23 old women. How could I resist? I’ve always found WWN to be an entertaining distraction in the supermarket checkout line, much more so than any of the celebrity-based tabloids, so I do think I’ll miss it. Ah well.

(h/t PZ)


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