August 2, 2007

Feminist Carnival 42

Posted in Feminism, Reproduction at 8:53 pm by The Lizard Queen

Radical Vixen posted a great piece this week about her desire to remain childless, and the fact that she’s often been treated like a child by doctors as a result. It covers an important aspect of reproductive freedom:

I’m 31 now and am still being told I will want children one day. It’s still infuriating and disrespectful. Is this a feminist issue? Definitely. When women’s feelings and beliefs are habitually discounted or outright ignored it becomes a feminist issue. Sure, compared to abortion, equal pay and sexual harassment disregarding women’s childfree choice may not seem as pressing. But reproductive freedom is a huge issue and sadly still unattainable for many women. How can women expect to gain reproductive rights when their beliefs on reproducing are so continually ignored?

That post, along with a lot of other good stuff, got picked up for the most recent Feminist Carnival (#42). Go check it out!


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