August 6, 2007

News from the Lizard Realm*

Posted in Animals, Personal at 10:16 am by The Lizard Queen

We’re settling in to the new house nicely. I’ve unpacked and shelved the majority of our books, which, for me, contributes a great deal toward making a house feel homey. It really is hot, but it’s quite comfortable inside the house.

In fact, my only complaint thus far is the fact that small animals who up until now have made their homes in the backyard have not quite yet realized that they’re going to want to get the hell out of Dodge. [Warning: what follows isn’t terribly graphic, but it might still be difficult reading for those with… more delicate sensibilities, shall we say.] Yesterday Seamus managed to get a hold of a bird, and while Seamus has many talents, being sneaky is not really one of them, so I figure the bird had to be fairly bad off to begin with for it to get caught. That plus the fact that Seamus was clearly so very pleased with himself kept me from feeling too bad about the bird. Later on, though, the dogs discovered a rabbit’s nest with two (or possibly more) newborn rabbits in it. I had a much harder time with that one, less because I have an easier time feeling sympathy for mammals than for birds (though I confess that that’s true) than because Tiwa got a hold of one of the rabbits and didn’t really know what to do with it. She brought it up to the back door and settled down with it, sort of gnawing on it the way she would a toy. Seeing her torment (without realizing it, of course) that poor blind and deaf creature really upset me. I wanted to try to take it away from her, but was afraid that would only ultimately make things worse, and I wasn’t quite sure how much damage had already been done. We don’t have a vet here yet, and so I wasn’t sure what I’d be able to do for it even if I had been able to save it. In a moment when my back was turned, though, Seamus took care of my dilemma by snatching the rabbit away from Tiwa and gulping it down. They had no earthly idea what I was so upset over, of course.

The good news, though, is that the dogs love the new backyard. I’m hoping to get some pictures — or maybe even a video — soon.

*If anyone can think of a better name for our newly-combined household, I’m quite open to suggestions.


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  1. luaphacim said,

    Maybe the EVIL Lizard Realm? Realm of the Evil Lizards? Realmy Evily Lizardy? 🙂

    Seriously, glad you’re liking the place.

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