August 6, 2007

Oh, so that’s where my contact lens solution went

Posted in Consumer info, Medicine, Personal at 11:12 am by The Lizard Queen

I consider myself fairly in-the-know. I’m a blogger, after all. I read lots of other blogs. I watch the news. I read magazines. I even read the newspaper from time to time (though my one purchase of the local paper left me underwhelmed, to say the least).

As a result, I can’t help but wonder why this is the first I’ve heard about the fact that my usual brand of contact lens solution, the one I’ve used for over five years now, has been recalled. (For those of you who might also be contact lens-wearers, it’s Advanced Medical Optics’ Complete MoisturePlus.) It wasn’t on the shelf the last two times I went to buy more, but that happens from time to time, and I’m not so set in my ways that I can’t buy another brand when I can’t find the one I habitually buy. I guess in this case that’s kind of a drawback, because I might have learned about the recall sooner had I been desperate to get a hold of that one particular brand. But really, would a sign on the shelf have been so much to ask for?

Statistics suggest that I have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, I suspect I’d be showing symptoms by now if I had the infection in question, though of course just reading the words acanthamoeba keratitis makes me want to go scrub my eyes until they’re raw. So, ultimately, no harm, no foul, I guess. Still, I can’t help being annoyed.


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  1. Caitlin said,

    I heard about this the day after it happened, but only because my step dad watches the papers like a hawk.

    I’ve used that brand since I got my contacts, as it was the little sampler solution the eye doc gave me. But like you said, no harm, no foul really. It didn’t take me very long to find a solution I liked! Must have been a bummer for the place I go to though, having to toss all those sample bottles!

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