August 10, 2007

Friday dogblogging

Posted in Animals at 9:51 pm by The Lizard Queen

Two new pics of the dogs:


Tiwa isn’t quite sure she’s not missing something interesting inside…


Seamus is happy!

Plus two action shots:


Outdoor wrasslin’ — this is probably about a third of the yard


Indoor wrasslin’ — this is the living room.

Incidentally, here‘s what Echidne of the Snakes said last week about petblogging, with which I very much agree:

What is the point of sudden photographs of animals on political blogs? I think they are an important change of pace and a reminder to be in touch with all things which fundamentally matter: the trees, the animals the rocks, the rain, the sun. We are animals ourselves, whatever the wingnuts wish for, and we need to stay grounded. Besides, the pictures are calming and cheering and often funny. And a way to signal that the weekend is coming.

Happy Friday, all!


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