August 15, 2007

The Miss America Pageant’s new home: The Learning Channel?

Posted in Media at 9:39 am by The Lizard Queen

It’s true (from Monday’s press release):

The Miss America Organization today announced a multi year agreement with TLC, its new network home, which will telecast the distinguished “Miss America Pageant” on Saturday January 26, 2008 . The announcement was made jointly today by Chairman of the Board for The Miss America Organization, Sam Haskell, III and TLC president and general manager Angela Shapiro-Mathes. TLC will retain telecast rights through 2010.

Um, okay… that’s TLC as in the Learning Channel, right? Well, sort of. It seems as if they’re just calling themselves TLC (à la KFC) these days, and their focus seems to be on their reality TV shows (from the Discovery corporate webpage):

TLC is the only television network dedicated to lifelong learning for viewers who want to grow up, not old. Featuring programming that explores life’s key transitions and turning points, TLC presents high-quality, relatable and authentic personal stories. TLC intimately connects more than 97 million homes in North America to the human experience with life’s lessons you can’t learn from books.

I guess the pageant won’t be any more out of place than it must have been on CMT. I just… I can’t help it, pageants make me uncomfortable. The Miss America website touts its status as “the world’s leading provider of scholarships for young women,” and the platform concept is an interesting one (see their FAQ for more on that), but it just seems like there’s still so much emphasis on appearance. And really, stuff like this doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


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