August 23, 2007

Also, just for the record (a follow-up to the previous post)

Posted in Animals, Feminism, Media at 6:33 pm by The Lizard Queen

First, I get outraged about dogfighting regardless of the profession, race or creed of the participant. It’s vicious and inhumane. Period.

Second, I don’t think outrage is a zero-sum game. I can be angry about violence against animals and still find it in me to be angry about violence against women. Do we really need to waste time arguing about which is worse? What say we fight against both?

Finally, you’d better believe I get pissed off at the passes that men who participate in professional sports often get when it comes to domestic violence and/or rape. I wholeheartedly agree that this issue needs more attention, and that sportswriters and other folks in the media need to consider the role they’ve had in downplaying it. Feminists and other advocates against domestic violence have been aware of this for a while now, btw.


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