August 31, 2007

Friday catblogging

Posted in Animals at 8:27 am by The Lizard Queen

So, in case anyone was still wondering what this was about, a week ago today we adopted two six-month-old kittens from a local shelter. Without further ado, then, meet the Professor:


and Mary-Ann:


Obviously we didn’t end up using any of the names suggested, but I certainly appreciate the suggestions! I particularly liked Scout, but then we couldn’t think what to call the boy if we called her Scout (as he just didn’t strike me as a Jem, and that name reminds me a bit too much of the 80s cartoon character). I also liked the idea of David and Amy, after the Sedaris siblings, but my father is named David, as are two of my exes, so, not so much. We spent several days tossing ideas back and forth (I was a steady advocate of Tuxedo Sam for a while), but not really getting anywhere. Late Wednesday night we were lying in bed, exhausted, and I had an unpleasant case of “traveler’s tummy” (I’d just gotten back from a 24-hour jaunt back to New Mexico), and as a result our suggestions were getting increasingly silly. Suddenly it dawned on me: “They’re the Professor and Mary-Ann!” I giggled. “And then when they’re not in the room we can just refer to them as ‘the rest!'” Turned out we both actually liked the idea, but we agreed that we should wait and see if we still liked the names in the morning. And then, well, here we are… 🙂



  1. Cara said,

    You could’ve named him Atticus…

    they’re very cute though!

  2. Cara said,

    Okay, I just read the original entry. So obviously Atticus wasn’t the brother, but um, I really *hope* the Professor & Maryann weren’t brother and sister either! 🙂

  3. Yeah, I thought about Atticus, but it just didn’t seem to fit. I suppose it would have been a name he could have grown into, but so is the Professor. He’s often “Professy,” which is how the Professor refers to himself in an episode of Futurama (“The Day the Earth Stood Stupid” — tried to find the appropriate clip on YouTube, but no dice). (In other words, we totally just reaffirmed our sheer nerdiness…) 🙂

    Did the Professor and Mary-Ann end up together? Or was there just… tension? (The potential for romance on the island was always less interesting to me than the logistical questions: why did Mrs. Howell bring what seems to be an entire wardrobe for a three-hour tour? Who knew you could make so many things out of coconuts? Etc.)

    I think the length of this comment is an indicator that it’s time for bed…

  4. Sera said,

    How cute! Ms. Baca will especially love your new babies and pics. I LOVE their names! How are Seamus and Tiwa liking their new siblings?

  5. Vixen said,

    I love kitty pictures! They’re so cute.

    They should have eaten Gillian because he kept messing up the escape attempts. But maybe that’s just me.

  6. Cara said,

    My favorite Gilligan’s Island comment ever: How come the Professor could make a radio out of two coconuts and piece of wire, but he couldn’t fix a hole in a boat?

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