October 13, 2007

Word to the wise

Posted in Movies at 4:36 pm by The Lizard Queen

If you enjoyed 1998’s Elizabeth, I recommend vehemently against going to see this year’s Elizabeth: The Golden Age.  A collection of immediate responses from people who enjoyed the first movie, from a group outing last night:

  • Evil Bender: That was so bad, I think it gave me cancer.
  • T: That sucked ass.  Through a straw.
  • M: I guess sometimes there really should be only one.

More later.



  1. […] Spain falled.  England roze and had age o prosperuty.  THE END.  For now. EVIL BENDER: CANSUR. T: SUX. M: There must b only 1! LQ: […]

  2. beverly said,

    Oh, no! I’ve been pinning my sanity on seeing this movie. I guess I’ll have to check myself in at the hospital…

  3. […] of a night when something attacked NYC.)  At dinner before the movie, a friend of ours (T from this post) mentioned that people had been telling others to bring Dramamine to the theater when going to see […]

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