October 15, 2007

Folksingers and odd coincidences

Posted in Music at 9:15 pm by The Lizard Queen

This evening I went to see Beth Amsel perform. I’ve been a big fan since 2001 or so, so getting to see her in person was so exciting. Afterward I went to get an autograph from her, and we chatted a bit. Early in the conversation, she said, “So, you’re almost done with school, right?”

“Um… yeah, I am,” I stammered, “but — we’ve never met.”

We established that either I reminded her of someone or it was just one of those odd coincidences. To go off on a momentary tangent, my favorite story of one of those coincidences was a time when my best friend answered the phone when we were in eighth or ninth grade. “Oh, hi Greg,” she said.

“How did you know my name’s Greg?” the Orange County Register salesman asked. I can’t remember if she’d just thought his voice sounded like our friend Greg’s or if she’d been expecting Greg to call, but either way she certainly startled the pants off the salesman.

Anyway, the concert was fabulous. The set list is below the fold. But first I wanted to mention that I have an extra copy of her second album, Kindling. Well, “extra copy” isn’t quite the right phrase. I downloaded the tracks in October of 2003 with Ms. Amsel’s blessing; on her website she’d been railing against the lawsuits record companies were pursuing against people who illegally downloaded music. (I wish I could find what she actually said, but her website archive only goes back to 2004.) She said, essentially, that anyone who wanted to download her music was welcome to it. I did so, and burned the CD as a “this’ll-do-until-I-can-buy-the-album” measure. Well, now I’ve bought the album (yay!), so if anyone wants my first copy (which is missing the last track; I wasn’t able to download it for some reason) so they can check out some good independent folk music, just holler (i.e. leave a comment here) and I’ll send it your way!

The setlist (check out the albums here):

  • Louise (from Kindling and Voices on the Verge)
  • Hunger (from Voices on the Verge)
  • How It Comes to This (from Kindling)
  • What You Can Never Have (from Kindling)
  • Come Down (from Kindling)
  • Swing (from Reverie)
  • Untitled Waltz (from Reverie)
  • How Long (new)
  • Glass Beads, Brass Coins (new)
  • End of July (from Reverie)
  • Loneliest Night (from Reverie)
  • Lonely Rider (from Kindling)
  • Hello Baby (from Reverie)
  • Michigan (from Reverie)
  • Simple, This Farewell (from Kindling)
  • You’re Welcome (from Kindling)
  • Saint Mark (from A Thousand Miles)

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