October 18, 2007

Creepy abstinence slogo

Posted in Sex, Wingnuts at 2:16 pm by The Lizard Queen


Okay, as if the cherry metaphor weren’t bad enough, now one’s virginity is a diamond? Yeesh…

Also of note is the poorly-phrased topic for the essay question: “Is sexual abstinence better for unmarried persons” (complete lack of punctuation in the original). I think what they mean — leaving aside the wide variety of interpretations for “better” — is, “Is it better for unmarried persons to abstain from sex?” However, the logical ending to the sentence they’ve constructed seems to be “than it is for ________ persons?” It’s not really a huge problem, since students would likely use the same arguments to answer either question; poor syntactical choices just get under my skin.

(Apologies to whoever linked to this originally and thus deserves the hat-tip; I’ve completely forgotten where I came across the link.)


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  1. whatsername said,

    I wonder if they’re saying save your virginity so you get your diamond… :\

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