November 1, 2007

ENDA round-up

Posted in Gender issues, GLBT issues, Government, Trans issues at 9:17 pm by The Lizard Queen

I’ve been feeling vaguely guilty for weeks for not posting about ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act). The problem has been that others have been far more articulate in expressing how I feel about the issue. In short, though, this is how I feel: I want a Trans-inclusive ENDA passed by the end of the year. Here’s a round-up of posts, all but one of which are from Pam’s House Blend, on the subject from the past month:

I get that some people think ENDA has a better chance of passing without including trans people; what I don’t get is why that’s the case. Why not protect trans people? Or even just people who don’t conform to our culture’s gender standards? I get that some people (*cough* fundies *cough*) think that trans people are just confused, and should just buck up and get over it. (Incidentally, one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve ever heard was from a young trans man — he described for our writing group the time his mother held him down and shaved his legs, because he was a girl goddammit and girls shave their legs.) But I just don’t get why people think it should be perfectly legal for an employer to fire someone just because he or she doesn’t fit in with the employer’s preconceived notions about gender and/or sexuality.

Also, on a lighter note, one of the first places wingnuts go during discussions of these issues is unisex bathrooms. “These people want to erase all distinctions between men and women, which means — *scary music* — UNISEX BATHROOMS!! *Gasp!*” What’s that about? First of all, I don’t see the public restroom status quo changing anytime soon — I just think it would be more trouble than it would be worth. Second, so we do end up with unisex bathrooms — so what? Most people, regardless of sexual or gender identity, manage to use public restrooms without hitting on anyone, and that includes the times women like me have gotten frustrated with the lines for the ladies’ room and ducked into the mens’. Methinks I catch a whiff of projection here…


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