November 17, 2007

“This… is… DENMARK!”

Posted in Movies at 1:59 pm by The Lizard Queen

Evil Bender and I went to see Beowulf last night.  I enjoyed the hell out of it, and while part of that no doubt had to do with EB’s and my running commentary (the epitome of which is the title phrase of this post, which EB gets full credit for), I think a good deal of it also had to do with my not really expecting all that much, and approaching the film on its own terms.  I read Neil Gaiman’s blog, and he mentions that this Boston Globe review is his “favourite review so far today — in terms of feeling that it reviews the film [he and Roger Avary] wrote.”  I’m inclined to agree.  It’s certainly ridiculous at parts, but overall I got the impression that it served much the same purpose the epic poem once did: entertainment.  My advice to any interested parties, then, is this: go read the Boston Globe review, and if that sounds like the kind of movie you want to see, I highly recommend you do so.


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